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(no subject)

Nov. 12th, 2008 | 10:26 pm

I took your feet into my lap... Pressing my warm palms into your soles, running my fingers between your toes... I lifted your leg.. Looking longingly up at your naked body, between your thighs at the precious warmth kept there... My breathing both deepened and quickened as I ran a finger up your leg, tracing a path to your upper thigh and then working my way back down to your feet...

I remember you had your eyes closed as I watched you.. So trusting with me. So comfortable. So warm and safe. I massaged your feet slowly, deliberately, working my way up... I felt your calves soften under my touch as I rubbed them, pressed them. Made them my own.

Your thighs were less of a boundary, as I reached up with a hand on each and turned them to putty within moments. My thumbs fingers and palms working as a cohesive unit drawing out all tensions in your lower half... Caressing the skin... Drawing you in with my eyes, taking in every detail as the half light danced across your breasts, over your stomach, ran across my hands as they in turn danced upon your body.. My hand running up and down the fingers beginning a playful ballet in the shadows as they reached up and took your hands...

I leaned over towards you as you lifted your legs apart to grant me access to your hidden treasure... I watched your face, your mouth open with anticipation as I in turn lowered my mouth over your flower... Smooth and shaved my lips parted yours as my tounge darted up and down, mentally mapping the landscape.. My hands let go of yours to take your thighs and I pulled you closer to me, pushing my tounge further into you, coating my mouth in you, your essences, your juices.

In and out I darted my tounge, making sure to run a lap around the edge now and again to break it up, to keep you guessing... I then took my tounge up and ran it around looking for your clit, and found it I did. I felt you tremble as I ran across it, I felt your swoon as I pressed into it, and I felt you shake as I flickered at it... I licked it as your hips became a ride, lifting up and down, meeting my mouth halfway, working in unison to get that right angle, that nice spot on the side that for some reason is just that much more sensitive....

I smiled to myself as I planted my lips around your mound and sucked, sucked on your clit, and felt your convulse and heard you moan and cry as in the vacuum my own wet muscle continued its work, refusing to rest, not giving up....

I felt your hands in my hair, across my head, pulling me into you as you began to shudder, began to heave.. Your hands leaving my head just as quickly to claw at pillows nearby as your mouth becomes silent, frozen open, teeth bared, I felt you under me as muscles tightened and contracted as you came and I in turn froze with my mouth where it was.

Slowly you began to breathe again... Your body relaxed and I pulled my mouth up, tasting you on my tounge... I moved up to hold you and stroke your skin in the half light.... I pulled you close to me... I told you how beautiful you were to me.... And we just laid there.. In the dark. In the half light...

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Apr. 24th, 2008 | 12:56 am

I wonder if anyone has ever had any experience with Penis Pumps?

One cant help but see them all over the place when you look at a magazine, or enter the adult store. But do they actually Work?

Does any one actually know?

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Apr. 15th, 2008 | 02:32 am
mood: hornyhorny

Reading bandant's recent post... I thought I would write something for her. Shes quite the writer, and Im more than a little aroused after reading her last post.

One good turn...Collapse )

This is actually a fantasy of mine I never got to do at a place I used to work. Sad business. Im kinda glad I got to play it out somewhere. Lord knows its been rolling around in my head for close to 3 years.

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What I want...

Apr. 14th, 2008 | 01:48 am
mood: hornyhorny

I want to bury my face in a girls sweet, freshly shaven, love box. I want to feel the smooth skin against mine, the folds, the flaps... The rise of the mound... The shape of the lips as it leads to the clit... Licking the clit itself.. sticking my tounge deep inside the pussy itself, feeling the wetness, the heat, the sliding of the thighs against my head.. Its comforting.. To pull back a moment and look at it.. Its shape... its details... To reach around the girls legs with my hands, almost like they are handle bars, and pull her closer to me, or me deeper into her... I lose track... I concentrate on her reactions, which side of the clit is more responsive... Sucking on the clit... Rubbing my whole tounge on it, as opposed to the tip of my tounge... Different angles, speeds, pressures... Gauging her responses.. her breath.. her hips when they buckle (dear god I love doing that to her)... the noises she makes... Hearing her as I bring her to orgasm, feeling her legs grip my head in a vice... I love it.

And for god sakes, pull my hair, please. Put your hand in my hair and the better it feels, grab that shit.. Tell me you like it. Tell me when you are cumming. It feels good to hear it. It turns me on. I want to hear the words out of your mouth... My mouth is busy, so please use yours...

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Awesome article

Apr. 14th, 2008 | 12:35 am
mood: hornyhorny

Geeks Make better lovers article.Collapse )

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(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 11:58 pm
mood: mischievousmischievous

I sat down in the stall, the floor was empty so I was alone. I undid my pants and sat on the toilet reached over and pulled out my Ipod. First I listened to the sounds of your wetness. The room was chilly so I cupped my member to warm it some. After several minutes of this I started becoming hard. I switched tracks and listened to your voice, your soft whisper, telling me how you are doing things, what you want done, how you are close to cumming. I lvoe it. I quickly become hard and get to the business at hand. (Pun intended.) I close my eyes, imagining you there, laying down, your beautiful eyes, your warm wet pussy... I hear you as you get closer to cumming.. Your breath quickens... your moans of delight get louder... you tell me how you are cumming, and I blow my load into a wad a paper towels... My creamy pearl stark against the white.

I clean myself up... And get back to work. :-)

This happened earlier today. :-)

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(no subject)

Apr. 7th, 2008 | 10:59 pm
mood: hornyhorny

Cut for your pleasure... Collapse )

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(no subject)

Apr. 6th, 2008 | 12:27 am
mood: energeticKinky

I got taught on basic proper handcuff use by a police officer. All I could think of was how to apply it to other situations...

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I remember....

Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 01:12 am
mood: thoughtfulReflective

She was a big boned girl, but not fat by any means, about as tall as me, though I cant remember for sure. She had dirty blonde hair, straight and long. I had noticed her the first day of class, and over the course of the next few weeks arranged it so we sat near each other and ended up hanging out after class. We would talk about life, relationships, humor, most things really. I liked the way she dressed, kinda classy but not overboard. Business attire, you could call it, with the occasional tennis shoes.

After a while I made no secret about liking her. She had broken up with someone who she had dated for a long time, and also felt guilty about things because of her religion. It was obvious so many times that she was struggling with what she wanted against what she had been told. I tried to help her, mainly by listening, but by telling her that she wasnt bad and she needed to be honest with herself before anything.

We would study together, at my place. She never let me kiss her, but I would nibble on her ears, her neck. Breathe her soft sexy words, telling her how beautiful I found her. It was almost like a game, how after a while she would yell at me that we needed to study, so I would for a while... But she never told me she didnt like it, never told me to stop.

One night we ended up in my bedroom, cuddling. Talking. It had been a long day and we were tired. I remember she was wearing this white blouse with thin light blue vertical stripes. I remember that. We were laying together and she kept adjusting herself to where we were spooning, with her back to me and all of a sudden I found my hand inside her bra. I was amazed at her initiative to place my hand there, so I stroked her breast, and teased her nipple. I did this for a few minutes and decided to take it a step further and unbuttoned her pants. I slid a finger into her, she was so very wet, and I was so very excited and yet confused. She had never kissed me, yet here we were. I think I had even tried to kiss her at that point, with a finger inside her and she shook her head no. I laid there, a finger in her, holding her in my other arm, looking at her, telling her how she was so beautiful.

And then she got up, made some excuses, said something about it being wrong, and left. We finished out the semester and we talked on the phone here and there, but I ended up getting the machine more and more. And one day the phone number was changed. I still think about her, and I still cherish that small time we had together, but mainly Im sad about it. I miss her.

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Apr. 1st, 2008 | 09:21 pm
mood: hornyhorny

Ive been so horny the past few days. Thinking about sex, watching it on the net. Masturbating. I want hot, hard, rough sex. I want to pull someones hair. I want to call them my whore. Part of me wants it to be a stranger, I dont want to know them. I dont want to care. I just want to cum, and then cum again. I feel like there is something in my system, perhaps once it runs its course I would be interested in a relationship or something, but not right now.

I want a girl bent over while I fuck her in the ass, hearing her gasp when I put it in. I want to feel the heat of her pussy on me, feel her juices flow across my skin.. I want to close my eyes and feel my way across her body.. every curve.. every hole.. her skin.. feel it.. taste it..

I want to eat a girl out, lick her clit, feel her hands in my hair.. Bury my face in it.. make her shake so hard that she asks me to stop, then i make her cum again. Finger her ass... feel her thigh against my cheek... i love looking up and a girls face and seeing their eyes wide, their mouths in a large O of pleasure and ecstasy. Nothing else exists in that time..

I want to feel.

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